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WATCH | ‘We learnt our lesson in 2021’ unrest: Natjoints says it’s ready for EFF shutdown

  • Deputy police commissioner and Natjoints co-chair Tebello Mosikili said police learnt from the unrest in 2021 and would be better prepared for the EFF shutdown on Monday.
  • Natjoints briefed the media on security measures set in place for the EFF shutdown.
  • Mosikili cautioned young people against participating in the protest as they could end up with criminal records.

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (Natjoints) said police have learnt from the unrest in July 2021 and was ready to respond to any incidents of lawlessness that may occur during the EFF’s mass protests on Monday.

The EFF, led by Julius Malema, is planning a “national shutdown” and will protest against persistent load shedding as Eskom tries to prevent a complete grid collapse.

At a media briefing about security measures ahead of the “national shutdown”, Natjoints co-chair and deputy police commissioner Tebello Mosikili said the authorities had sufficient capacity.

She said while the demonstrations could hardly be classified as a shutdown, the authorities would be on high alert as it threatened the country’s security.

“We are not aware of a shutdown. We are aware of a planned protest,” she said, adding that it would be business as usual on Monday.

Mosikili said police learnt from the unrest in July 2021 and were better prepared for the EFF protests.

She added:

It is not that we did not plan in 2021. We did, but now we have planned better because every situation is an education of how we can move forward. We learnt our lesson in 2021. We have ticked the boxes and have planned accordingly to respond to elements of surprise that might arise.

Mosikili warned the youth against participating in the mass protests, saying this could lead to them getting criminal records, which could jeopardise their employment chances.

She added:

On Monday, all schoolchildren will be at their homes. Therefore, the Natjoints urges the youth not to get themselves in any form of criminality which could lead to them obtaining criminal records.

She also warned against circulating messages through social media, saying this could attract criminal charges in accordance with the Cybercrimes Act.

“Social media users can be charged for intimidating or incitement to commit violence. Therefore, members of the public are discouraged from sharing messages that seek to mobilise communities and shut down roads, and messages encouraging damaging economic sites,” she added.

Mosiliki said no communities would be left unprotected.

“Every corner of South Africa is a hotspot, and all the provinces are targeted. We have mobilised everywhere, and all the provinces are hard at work. All routes are a priority.

“We will respond accordingly to any highway that is under threat. Everybody will be protected and saved from the anarchy that might prevail,” she said.



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