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Police intensifying responses to violent Fort Hare University attacks

Police are intensifying their responses to the recent violent and fatal attacks at Fort Hare University following a visit to the province on Wednesday, 11 January.

Heightened policing interventions are being implemented by the South African Police Service (SAPS) to find those responsible for a series of attacks on University staff, which have claimed two lives.

multi-disciplinary team established to investigate attacks on university staff

A multi-disciplinary team has been established to carefully investigate the pattern of threats on the lives of the institution’s staff members.

This follows a visit to the province on Wednesday, 11 January, led by the National Commissioner of the SAPS, General Fannie Masemola, the Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele, and the Deputy Minister of State Security, Zizi Kodwa.

The team, which will directly answer to the National Commissioner’s office, is anticipated to begin its inquiries into the weekend killing of Mboneni Vesele.

Vesele was a close protector and driver of Fort Hare University vice chancellor, Sakhela Buhlungu. He was assassinated while riding in the Professor’s car.

The investigation team’s focus will also cover previous suspected attempted hits on university employees.

This includes the shooting death of Petrus Roets, the fleet manager at Fort Hare University, in March of last year.

High level intervention necessary

According to Minister Cele, this high-level involvement is essential and demands success.

“It is quite clear that the local police are just not working fast enough in making arrests and this newly established National team through its work, must send a strong message to criminals that this government will not be threatened or shaken and will certainly not back down or co-govern with criminals.” Cele said.

Detectives, forensic analysts, criminal intelligence, participants in organised crime, and representatives from the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation will form part of the multidisciplinary team (DPCI).

A high-level delegation of security cluster ministers and SAPS management paid a visit to Vesele’s family.

The group also visited with Professor Sakhela Buhlungu, Vice Chancellor of Fort Hare University, who expressed his gratitude for the national office’s stepped-up police reaction to combat and look into crime within the university.



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