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Llandudno Beach reopened, Hout Bay Beach and Dalebrook tidal pool closed

Llandudno Beach was reopened on Wednesday, 11 January, after a brief closure due to a sewer overflow. Dalebrook Tidal Pool has closed again and Hout Bay beach is affected by possible pollution.


The City of Cape Town announced Llandudno Beach’s closure on Tuesday after an ultrasonic level sensor malfunctioned at a sewer pump station near the beach and caused an overflow.

“Water samples taken for water quality testing indicated the levels are within the minimum requirement for recreational activities as determined by the National Water Quality Guidelines. Health warning signage has been removed,” said the City on Wednesday.

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Hout Bay Beach is closed until further notice and the City is investigating the possible pollution sources behind the closure.

Health officials will be taking water samples on a daily basis until the water quality is up to scratch for recreational activities. Health signage has been placed at the beach.

Meanwhile, Dalebrook Tidal Pool has been closed again shortly after it was reopened to the public. “The temporary closure is due to a sewer overflow, and the cause is still under investigation,” said the City.

The City will also be taking water samples from the tidal pool until it is safe for use by the public.

The beach section between Dalebrook and Kalk Bay tidal pools also remains closed until further notice.

The City wants the public to take heed of the following:

  • ·       The public is advised to avoid contact with the water as indicated above until further notice.
  • ·       This is a precaution as contact with the water could result in potential gastrointestinal issues and therefore any person who enters the water does so at their own risk.
  • ·       The City apologises for any inconvenience and thanks the public for its cooperation during this time.




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