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Get summer ready with Zee Fitness

The season has come where we all of a sudden feel we need to have “summer bodies” for the upcoming months. Hoping those gym tights you bought months before aren’t just worn for grocery store visits. Coach Zinhle Masango’s well known as “Zee Fitness Junkie” knows all too well the mad rush back to the gym.

With a list of accomplishments such as being a bodybuilder champion, online fitness coach, nutritionist and calling herself a “corporate hun”, Zee helps all types of people get healthy.

The fitness trainer – who still has a full-time corporate job whilst balancing her fitness content creation – has an infectious energy and personality about her.

Zee is a people person, an important quality in the industry that she continues to build a career in.

Having gained over 106,000 followers on Instagram, her journey to fitness wasn’t just about getting healthy for her.

According to Zee Fitness Junkie, the year 2013 was a turning point in her life. Her fitness journey comes after being in an abusive relationship that left her beaten at her lowest. Being at the gym was her way to fight back. 

WATCH: Zee’s quick and easy home workout

“Fitness has taken me from being in a place as a victim to a victor. The idea was to look intimidating to a man. When I came into the industry I was very masculine and bulky. I lot of people would say to me you look like a man, yes that use to hurt me but also that was the whole point.”

Zee says when a man sees her they need to rethink approaching her, in a way to not attempt to even touch her.

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However, over the years, the bodybuilder says her body goals and how she wants to look have grown to more feminine physic.

Zinhle Masango ‘Zee Fitnes home workout. 25 August 2022. Picture: Sibongumenzi Sibiya

“I always wanted to epitomise the look of being fit.” To her that means “big arms, having hard rock abs, big legs,” she says.

The DStv Content Creator Awards nominee is currently prepping for a bodybuilder competition. It entails training twice a day, ice baths, a strict diet such as moderate carbohydrates and repeating this cycle for the next three months.

Zee is honest about the fact that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The routine is tough and this is why she finds it necessary to be honest with her followers. 

“I do have my down days and I am not always motivated and do share that. I would never advocate for something I have never done.”

With diet being King in a healthy lifestyle, Zee Fitness who loves food isn’t a big fan of some healthy meals.

“Funny enough there is a meal I hate, it’s egg whites and oats. You can imagine how bland it is.” To add necessary flavour Zee rather makes pancakes from the ingredients. 

The fitness coach says she was always open to a “teachable spirit” and people should learn that in their fitness journey to as many questions.

Strength training

Strength training (lifting weights) has become a hot and trending topic in fitness, as many experts recommend that people incorporate it into their daily workouts.

More women are lifting weights, a stereotype and concern associated that women didn’t want to get “bulky” however the results are the complete opposite. 

Zinhle Masango Picture: Sibongumenzi Sibiya

“Don’t be afraid. Whether you pick up a weight or not it’s not going to make you look bulky. It’s just going to accentuate a few of your parts, especially the lower parts,” Zee Fitness explains.

She adds that lifting weights can assist in weight loss.  

Spring fitness to-do list 

For the winter blues weight gain, Zee advises you to start with a goal, something attainable, realistic and time-bound.

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“Have a goal, set certain milestones. If you want to start running, start with 1km, in a week if you have been doing well and have beaten your time, add on another 500m. Slow progression rather than having this boulder you trying to break down. Smaller milestones you eventually get to your goal.”

If your goal is weight loss, a calorie deficit should be your strategy and for those wanting to gain weight, food surplus is the way to go. 

What your balanced diet should consist of: 

  • Carbohydrates such as whole grains
  • Complex carbs, beans, legumes, rice, fruit and vegetables
  • Protein, seafood, lean beef, eggs, chicken
  • Good fats such as olive oil, nuts and fish.
  • Stay hydrated, and drink plenty of water. 
  • Sleep, try to get good quality sleep between 7 to 9 hours



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