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FNB’s eBucks rated a world leader for Best Use of Technology

FNB CEO Jacques Celliers

FNB’s free eBucks Rewards programme has been recognised as the global leader for Best Use of Technology and Middle East and Africa Regional Loyalty Champion of the Year at the 2022 International Loyalty Awards.

The awards recognise excellence and innovation among businesses that go above and beyond expectations. Regional honours are also granted to brands that have demonstrated the most inventive and engaging loyalty programme in their industry.

Jacques Celliers, CEO of FNB, says: “eBucks Rewards was founded over 20 years ago to facilitate e-commerce and shape consumer financial behaviour through partnerships with customers and partner retailers. In many respects, eBucks was also an innovative currency, as it allowed customers to use their eBucks to pay for goods and services digitally.

“Today, eBucks is South Africa’s most aspirational platform-based rewards programme, with a focus on providing members and partners with real and meaningful value. eBucks has paid out billions in rewards to customers since its inception and has an industry-leading earn-to-spend ratio, with most customers using their eBucks within days.”

Celliers says FNB remains committed to ensuring that eBucks Rewards remains the most rewarding multi-partner programme in South Africa. “In the current economic environment, millions of South Africans continue to rely on the programme to alleviate financial constraints. Customers use the programme to supplement the high cost of fuel and food, travel expenses, and daily essentials like airtime and data.”

Platform journey

“Since we continue enabling more customers to earn eBucks, the benefits go a long way toward helping families stretch their budgets. As part of our platform journey, we’ve also enabled customers to manage their rewards on our digital platform through interfaces such as the FNB App,” he says.

“The accolades we’ve received for our eBucks programme throughout the years are a constant reminder of its value and impact on our customers and their families. More importantly, these accolades are a tribute to our partners, who continue to support our efforts, and our customers, who make the programme as engaging and meaningful as possible to make today and tomorrow better. We look forward to continuing to delight our customers with value-added solutions tailored to their specific needs,” concludes Celliers.

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