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Africa Data Centres now offers remote peering at Jinx, Cinx

Tesh Durvasula

Africa Data Centres on Monday said it has reached an agreement for remote peering through Internet exchanges operated by INX-ZA, a division of the Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa).

Africa Data Centres will bring “free peering” from any of its data centre facilities to the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (also known as Jinx) and the Cape Town Internet Exchange (Cinx).

Internet exchanges like Jinx and Cinx – and the Teraco-operated NAPAfrica – provide a way for Internet providers to exchange traffic easily, helping keep traffic flows local and reducing costs.

“Bringing remote peering to the table is just one more way Africa Data Centres is helping customers reap the benefits of peering at INX-ZA without having to build and manage their infrastructure in Europe,” Africa Data Centres CEO Tesh Durvasula said in a statement.

“Instead of setting up a point of presence to access Internet exchanges, customers can now connect directly to them using existing infrastructure. Having this ability reduces capital expenditure and complexity. Deployments can be achieved in a matter of minutes rather than months.”

Durvasula explained that customers will be able to apply to INX-ZA for ports in the way they always have, and Africa Data Centres will cover the costs of ports and cross-connects — although the customer will maintain the technical relationship with INX-ZA directly.  – © 2023 NewsCentral Media

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