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Time to relax – It is bubble bath day

Bubbles, candles and loads of relaxation, exactly what you need before the start of another long week – 8 Junuary is bubble bath day.

History of bubble bath day

Studies show that hot water baths can improve circulation and vascular function and promote sleep.

Soapy baths in general, in terms of the substance used to create the bubbles, are frequently scented, and many of them are combined with ingredients that help moisturize the skin and relax the bather.

Bubbles can help remove and prevent the ring that forms around your bath-tub, leaving you and your tub cleaner.

Furthermore, it can effectively preserve one’s modesty in a bath as the bubbles obscure vision.

The bubbles act as an insulator, retaining the heat of the bath and allowing you to enjoy it for longer.

These baths have been popular for as long as there have been baths with surfactant-based soap.

They have a variety of practical applications, ranging from the unexpected to the curiously unthought of.

Soapy baths have long been known for their ability to soothe and relax, but this ignores the more intriguing reasons for their popularity.

Here’s how you can make your own bubble bath

No need to rush out to the shops, here is how you can make your own bath at home.


  • 1/4 cup warm, distilled water
  • 1/2 cup liquid soap
  • 1/4 glycerin or coconut oil

Now just mix all three ingredients together and you are good to go.

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