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Search for missing mother and her four-year-old son

A mother and her four-year-old son have gone missing in Hendrina on Thursday 5 January 2023.

Search teams were activated during the night to look for them.

Mother and Son missing

Luschka Taljaard, 26, and her son Daniel Taljaard, 4, were last seen on 5 January.

She was driving her silver VW Polo from an old age home in Hendrina, going to the shops. Both her and her son have not been seen since.

They were last spotted at 9:55 on CCTV footage and her car was found abandoned at Kwazamokuhule, a local township.

When the car was found, the lights were on and the car was locked. Upon further inspection, a broken necklace was found inside the vehicle.

Taljaard’s mother, Ester Zeeman, said that her phone is currently off and they have had no contact with her since she has gone missing with her son.

A search party was activated with the help of the Transvaal Bosbou Unie where between 100 to 150 volunteers, including farmers, came out to search for the missing mother and son.

The search was called off after further information was received, however, this information has not been made public as yet.

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