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Our 5 favourite moments from the Royal children in 2022 |

It’s been a bumper year for the Royal Family, and the first time some members have emerged into the spotlight.

Although sometimes a little too much to handle, the Royal Children have behaved impeccably whenever they have been called upon.

From funny faces to temper tantrums, here are the top five times the youngest Royals stole the show this year.

Prince Louis at Trooping the Colour

It may have been the Queen’s platinum Jubilee, but Prince Louis stole the show.

From pulling cheeky faces to covering his ears, the young Royal could not keep calm while plane-spotting on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

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A game of royal musical chairs

During the Platinum Jubilee, Prince Louis could not decide whose knees he wanted to sit on.

He settled on getting cuddles from his grandpa, King Charles in the end.

Princess Charlotte shows us who’s boss

When it comes to royal etiquette, Princess Charlotte knows how to keep her siblings in line.

The princess scolded her brother, the future king, on the Buckingham Palace balcony, reminding him to keep his arms down.

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Princess Charlotte shows us who’s boss… again

Charlotte had to lay down the law again with her brother during the Queen’s funeral.

As their grandmother came past in her coffin, she reminded George to bow and pay his respects.

Princess Charlotte wishes the Lionesses good luck

Prince William had already put in his daughter’s request to join the women’s England football team.

But she had to settle for cheering from the sidelines as England beat Germany in the Euros 2022 final.

Her good luck message almost certainly secured the Lionesses the win.



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