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IN PICS: Connie Ferguson and her family take on Dubai

Beloved actress Connie Ferguson has been enjoying her time in the ultra-rich city of Dubai with her daughters Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson, Ali Ferguson and the rest of her family. 

The last time Connie and her family were in Dubai was in late 2020 with her late husband Shona Ferguson. 

The Fergusons return to Dubai

Connie and Shona were serving up couple goals when they visited Dubai during the December holidays in 2020 and celebrated their 19-year anniversary at the time. 

After Shona’s untimely passing in July 2021, the family returned to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city for a much-needed holiday. 

The actress has shared pictures of her time in Dubai, experiencing the sand dunes, enjoying their time on a boat and photo op with her daughters, her grandson, Rowena Malema and close family friends. 

She captioned the photo: “My heart in human form.”

Lesedi turns 30

Connie marked her first child Lesedi’s birthday last week. Lesedi’s biological father is Neo Matsunyane, Connie Ferguson’s ex-husband.

Writing a touching message for Lesedi, Connie said: “I get emotional thinking back on this day 30 years ago. How excited and scared I was at the same time. The anxiety of wanting everything to go right, so I could finally lay my eyes on you and hold you in my arms.

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“You scared the crap out of me when you didn’t cry! My heart stopped for a moment and my whole world was spinning! It was like living my worst nightmare! After a few ‘slaps’ and clearing your mouth, you let out the most beautiful cry I’ve ever heard! So loud and bold! A fitting announcement that a DIVA was in the room!

“I was so overwhelmed with joy I went into a hysterical fit of crying and laughing at the same time! You were my first tangible experience of a miracle. My first born child. The most beautiful sight for my sore eyes!

“As you turn 30 today, I want to remind you of your light ‘LESEDI’ that shines so brightly it cannot be ignored, of your gentle ‘BONOLO’ yet bold spirit, that is nurturing and caring, and of the love that you so freely give.”



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