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Team MaCele vs team MaKhumalo

The latest episode of Uthando Nesthembu has caused viewers of the show to pick a side between MaCele and MaKhumalo after the pair differed over a dispute about attending the latter’s wedding.

The episode began with a meeting between Musa Mseleku and his two oldest sons as he laid out his hopes for how they would lead the family and handle the household in the event that he was no longer able to do so himself. 

Musa admitted that he was mindful of the fact that in asking them to lead the household in his absence, he was placing burdens on his sons that were not necessarily theirs to carry. 

To help manage things, he assigned the care of two wives’ households to each son. So, the care of the four households (MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe) was divided equally between each son. 

MaKhumalo’s dinner 

Thobile 'MaKhumalo' Mseleku
Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku on RHODurban. Picture: Supplied

Meetings are a regular thing in this family and MaKhumalo (Thobile Mseleku) hosted a meeting disguised as a dinner to invite them to an event that she was planning on hosting. 

She said extending the invitation herself was important to her because she wanted to make her sister-wives and their children feel welcome at her event and not leave them wondering whether or not they were allowed to even attend. 

“Thank you for the invitation. I’m glad that it came from you, personally, so that I can answer you directly,” began MaCele (Busisiwe). 

MaCele explained that she would not be attending MaKhumalo’s event because the event involved their husband, Musa. 

Busisiwe ‘MaCele’ Mseleku is one of the hosts for the new Mzansi Wethu reality series called ‘Ezomshado’. Picture: Supplied

The event in question was an umembeso and it is one of many traditional events observed in the process of finalising a traditional marriage. 

Speaking during her diary session on Uthando Nesthembu, MaCele said she was not going because she is “done attending wedding events”.

When pressed by MaKhumalo for an explanation, MaCele said she would not be explaining herself further. 

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In her own diary session, MaYeni (Nokukhanya) expressed her shock at MaCele’s response because, in her view, MaCele was the one who supported MaKhumalo the most by being there for her whenever she needed her. 

MaKhumalo said she was confused by her sister wife’s position because she recently hosted an event celebrating her anniversary with Musa and the other wives attended that event. And to that point, MaKhumalo could not understand why she now felt as though her umembeso should be treated differently. 

She ended the dinner by stating that she was disappointed in herself for thinking that her relationship with MaCele meant more to her. 

Abongwe’s big day 

Most of the latest season of Uthando Nesthembu has seen the family preparing for Abongwe’s big day, her matric dance, and one of her main requests was that her parents help her arrive in style. 

To make her dreams come true, her dad pulled some strings to get a BMW on loan to chauffeur her to the dance. 

Her brothers helped their dad by picking the car up and bringing it home for her to see. 

Her dad further explained that he was not the one who chose the car because he felt he was not going to be able to tell the dealership exactly what Abongwe was looking for in a car. 

Musa also surprised Abongwe with a bouquet of flowers on her big day and each flower had a R100 note wrapped around it.

“I bought her flowers because she broke my heart when she said her date wasn’t coming,” explained her dad. 

Her family was also able to help her get the suit she wanted to wear to the dance and MaCele and Musa stood by to see her off on her big day.

After she got ready, her brothers covered her eyes and led her outside the house where her “chariot” awaited. 

She also gushed about how her brother helped make her dreams come true by helping her organise her dream entrance to a tee. 

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