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Carl Niehaus starting new political party, invites ANC members

Expelled African National Congress (ANC) member Carl Niehaus has announced that he is starting a political party for those betrayed by the governing party.

Niehaus made the remarks on his social media account on Monday, about the new broad civil society and political movement that will supposedly work for the full liberation of the people of South Africa.

Niehaus expelled

Despite being expelled by the ANC national disciplinary committee (NDC), Niehaus “officially” quit the party last year.

He faced six charges of misconduct in relation to comments he made in the lead-up to the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma two years ago.

The ANC accused him of bringing the party into disrepute.

New political party

In the You Tube video, Niehaus said he believed the ANC no longer represents the interests of the people.

“Comrades, in this year we are going to continue to build a broad civil society, a broad political movement that will work for the full liberation of our people. That will also work for the liberation of those many comrades in the African National Congress who have been betrayed by a rogue, sell-out, white monopoly capitalist agent comprador capitalist group.”

Invitation to ANC members

Carl Niehaus invited disgruntled ANC members to join his movement.

“We are not fighting the ideals of the African National Congress. We are not interested in fighting those comrades who are truly dedicated to those ideals who still find themselves in the ANC. Our invitation to all of them is to join us in a re-dedication and commitment to the full liberation of our country.”

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Abusing the ANC

Niehaus also took a swipe at President Cyril Ramaphosa and those who support him.

“We cannot allow Ramaphosa and his sellouts to abuse the brand, the colours, the logo of the African National Congress, after they’ve killed it, after they’ve hollowed it out, after they’ve turned into a Trojan Horse for white monopoly capitalism and imperialism.”

Niehaus added that he will be making some “very important” announcements on his Crosshairs Twitter Space on Wednesday.

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